Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stinky pups...

Momma says it's time to take a bath.  We both smell like goat ropers!

Mason is doing great.  He's out of his kennel here, but confined to the tub and the bathroom hee hee. Gotta get that stink to go down the drain.  Peanut doesn't look a bit thrilled does she?

Mason's xray check-up is scheduled tentatively for Saturday, October. 19.  If that date doesn't work for Dr. Jarboe, we'll be heading there on Monday, Oct. 14.  Here's to looking for some amazing post-op xrays!!!

See you around!

PS...Mason has grown!  He's now 3 lbs. 10 oz and is about as tall as Peanut.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wild Man Mason!

Well, Mason is doing fabulously.  He's completely off of his medication as of today.  He escaped his kennel for a bit this afternoon and ran around like a wild man on the floor.  My poor brain is just having such a hard time thinking he's a healing puppy and needs to continue this cage rest deal until the end of October or second week of November.  That time won't come soon enough!  He's crazy, I tell you!!!

I took a little video to show you how he looks today.  As you can see, he's hard to keep on camera as he has a blast hopping around like a bunny and just goes wild!  He has started to chew on things too.  I guess you can say that he's just getting a "taste of freedom".
We've got a lot to do in the obedience arena again.  Ugghhh and he was doing so good with that.