Saturday, January 25, 2014

Date Night...

Hello all.  Mason's been doing very well and had a well check with the doctor.  His neurological eval was fabulous.  Dr. Vernon also checked for "jellybeans" so that we could determine if and when he would have his neutering and baby teeth removal.  Each time he went to a doctor, they were nowhere to be found, so I was expecting to hear the same report...Surprise, surprise...Mason's jellybeans are there and easy to palpate, just a little hidden from view.  So, we're planning on doing his neutering and multiple baby teeth pulling during Spring break in April.

We're also watching his back knees closely.  It seems that my first observation (on his release from Jail day) of Mason occasionally lifting and tucking his hind leg is due to slipped patellas on both knees. This issue has continued since the first observation.  At this time, Mason doesn't appear to have any pain when it happens and he recovers quickly.  As a matter of fact, his right knee slipped out while in the doctors office, so Dr. Vernon could feel it and observe his behaviors until it slipped back into position.  We will be watching this condition closely as it will most likely require some surgical treatment in the future.

Sooo...the saga continues, but this little man continues to steal my heart...and the heart of others...This weekend Mason has been able to have a few sleepovers with one of his most favorite people in the world...My niece Katie.  He loves her, you can see...
PS...Yes, the Christmas tree and decorations are still up downstairs...I just love the twinkling lights in the evening and have a hard time putting them back in the box.  Maybe next weekend...

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday MIGHTY MASON!

Today is the day!!!  WOO HOO Mighty Mason.  It's your special day.  Let's bake the cake, wrap the presents and blow some balloons.  Get  your party on!  We have so much to celebrate!!!

Thank you all for the Birthday Greetings!  Mason had a very special day!!!