Thursday, April 24, 2014

Everything is FABULOUS!

One day after surgery and it is as if Mason never had it.  He's back to his chipper self.  I'm letting him wander a bit but am controlling his zoomie episodes.  Had to stop back at the doctor to pick up the medicine to prevent infection which they forgot to pull out of the fridge for me.  SOOO...He's doing VERY well...BIG SMILES!!!

Thanks for all the prayers and support again.  We appreciate it so much!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One Sore Puppy...

Surgery went well today.  Mason is home and resting.  He is very sore and if he doesn't move and lays on a blanket beside me, he doesn't whine..I've discovered tonight that he seems most comfortable on a blanket instead of in my arms.  More stillness I guess.

Dr. Vernon had some challenge searching for and removing his boy parts.  When palpated, he could feel them right on his inner thighs.  When he cut open, he could only pull the tubes---but the jewels wouldn't budge.  They were with a little maneuvering and expert technique, he was able to move a few things around, go through some fatty tissue and get to the treasure...both sides were a challenge.

Xrays showed a crowded mouthful of baby teeth and adult teeth trying to come through.  Dr. Vernon removed 14...YES 14 baby teeth that had not come out yet.  So yes, his mouth is really sore.  He has some stitches that will dissolve in time.  Thank goodness Dr. Vernon was able to give him a pain block when pulling his four baby canines!

Mason will return for a check-up next Wednesday.  If everything goes well, he will have about another week of waiting until he gets his stitches out.

Thanks for prayers and good wishes...He's such a trooper!!!  Hopefully, this will be the end of all the surgery for him.

PS...Total bill today...$1,017.75...every penny worth it.  :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Please keep Mason in your prayers tomorrow as he will undergo his final surgery to remove his manly parts and his stubborn baby teeth.  Dr. Vernon has consulted with Dr. Jarboe on the treatment plan and the neck placement during surgery and everything is set and ready.  One of the techs will be in bright and early to take care of Mr. Mason throughout surgery.  The staff is excited to see him and some are even coming in especially to say hello.  They say Mighty Mason is a STAR and a MIRACLE and they all love him so much.

Just as he's made such an impression on my heart, he's left footprints on theirs.  I've even remined them that he's cute, mighty, stubborn and...yes, he still has a squeaky bark.  They assured me he would have a blast playing with them before he heads into surgery- and will be so loved and cuddled afterwards.

I'll update his blog and FB tomorrow evening.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Easter Pictures...

Here are some additional Easter basket photos I took this morning in better lighting.  I think I need to get my lens cleaned as no matter what I did, I had some blur.  In any case, helped tweak images and I was able to salvage some.

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Hello all.  It's been a while since I've been on Mason's blog giving updates so I figured it would be good to hop on and share some info with you.  

Mason is doing very well.  He's still a tiny little guy that packs a massive punch.  He's wild and crazy and barks at Peanut all the time.  He's her little shadow (or lover boy, I think).  He wakes her up every morning by jumping near her bed and barking incessantly until she gets up.  She's NOT a morning pup, so she gives him a few dirty looks before she decides to roll out of her bed.

I called Dr. Vernon to schedule Mason's "Mister Fix" and baby teeth removal and it is tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday.  Doc. is leaving on vacation tomorrow so I hope he can get in touch with Dr. Jarboe before then.  He left a message for Dr. Jarboe so they can discuss and collaborate on his treatment and positioning during surgery.  So hopefully, she'll get back to him in a few days and everything will be good to go on Wednesday.

It's Spring Break for me and I've been having fun hanging around the house and playing with the pooches.  It's raining like crazy all day today so I've been baking and decorating cookies up a storm and tonight, I had a chance to take some Easter pictures of the pups.  Thanks to, I edited them and got them all "pretty" for display.

Hope you have a fabulous Easter!!!