Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's Check-Up Day!

Today Mason had his six week post-op check up.  Dr. Jarboe and her intern were very pleased with his recovery.  X-rays showed good healing and placement.  Dr. Jarboe thought there might be bone growing between the vert. that were screwed together.  That's a really good sign.  She was excited and happy to see him do several "whole body wet dog shakes" during her observation.  That's also a really good indication that he's healing nicely and not in pain.

Dr. Jarboe thinks Mason is pretty much done growing.  She feels he is most likely at his optimum weight and looks very good.  She does not want to see him gain any unnecessary weight as she thinks he is in perfect condition right now.  I asked her about neutering (they cannot palpate/locate any testes at this time) and doing a dental to remove his baby canines.  She is not concerned about that at this time and recommended that I wait six to eight more months to have that done.  At that time, she'll consult with Dr. Vernon (Mason's general vet) to discuss positioning of his head and neck during surgery.

PS.  Mighty Mason weighed in at 1.6 kg. today and needed NO anesthesia during his xray.   They must have the magic touch there because I can't get him to stop squirming around!  When I arrived, people came out looking for him hee hee.  Even people who hadn't seen him before came out to say "Where's this little guy I keep hearing about?"  Hee hee...Mason, he is a charmer!