Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Mason and Peanut send Christmas Greetings!  We're doing great (well, Peanut is getting a lot slower and more itchy in her old age)...
Mason loves to sit like an "Old Man".  Just sits and thinks and watches...He doesn't much like me messing with his face hairs- so pardon his scruffy eyebrows and face hairs.  He's working on his master beard.
Mason loves his sister so much!  I don't know what he's going to do when she's gone...I don't know what we'll do.  She's getting slower, getting itchier and just wants to rub her face all over his cozy fur for comfort.  They are best buds.  
Peanut is so quiet and patient.  Mason is the wild one.  He wants her to go crazy with him but she just won't have it.  She's a lady, for sure.
And while Peanut rubs all over Mason's fur, he tries to stick his butt in her face- or sit on her when she's laying in their bed.  
See that twinkle in his eye...  Sweetie...

Monday, March 9, 2015

Winner, Winner!!!

Wooo Hooo!!!

Mason and I were informed today that we won a special prize from MyFavoriteThings stamps!  WOOO!!!

So want to know what we win???  
I get these cool stamps and dies that I'll be able to use to create Mason Greetings for YOU!  
Mason wins a special Puppy Toy...Picked just for him!  

WOOO!  We're excited!
Little Mr. Barky Butt took some time out of his busy day to hop into his Easter Basket and show you some love.  You may remember this basket from last year's photos...Well, Mason still fits, as well as he did last year!  And look at that face...I hold a treat in the air and get the PERFECT shot!
Happy Hopper days are coming soon!!!  Mason's trying to practice being a chocolate bunny!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow Fun!

Mason's enjoying the snow day with his girlfriend (my niece).  Katie and Mason are inseparable when she's here for the weekend.  He loves her so much.  They spent a little time on the patio making snowcanoes since the dusty snow isn't good snowman-making snow.

You should have seen him hopping around like a little snowbunny!  It was too cute!!!

Mason says:  "Whatcha making???"
 Jump, jump, jump... I'll play Ring-around-Katie while you pile up that white stuff.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Good Morning Sunshine!

Waking up this lovely Saturday morning to two sweet pups...Pure bliss...
 Mason's laying on my bed facing the morning sun...Ahhhhh...
Let's go wake Peanut up!  OK- and he's off...He loves this routine every morning!  Peanut just slides across the carpet rubbing her belly while Mason tries to grab her neck.  He loves her even if she doesn't play much with him.  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Hello friends!  Today is Mason's 2nd birthday!!! WOOO!!! I prepared a little birthday celebration here at the house and he had a nice little carrot and dog food cupcake.  Mason wasn't really into picture taking- so I tried as much as I could to get a few memorable shots.  

Here he is taste testing his cupcake- he didn't care for the "frosting" but wanted to gobble into the carrot cake.
After removing the candles, banner and frosting, it was time to get to the good stuff!
Mason, Peanut and I send Happy Birthday wishes to his brothers and sisters out there in this world. He also sends a little love to his mommy Cocoa, Daddy Maximus and his best friends around the world.