Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My sis Peanut

My big sister Peanut went to the doctor this morning and got some rotten teeth pulled out.  Dr. Vernon said she'll be good as new after a few days but for now, I should let her rest on my cozy bed pillow and not bother her.  THAT'S A HARD THING TO DO!!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hide And Seek!

I got in trouble today...Well, kind of.

Momma searched high and low for me for a long time.  She finally found my hiding spot.
Now I know I'm REALLY good at playing HIDE AND SEEK!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A hard days work...

While waiting my turn for my puppy training today, I wandered around PetCo with Momma and found this little mouse toy.    I wanted to take it home but momma said I had to do a good job of listening and learning first.

I did a good job showing my sitting, laying, looking and "Paw" skills and also learned how to "Stay".
I have some more fans too!   People came from far and wide to watch me do my tricks!  They couldn't believe a little guy could be so smart.  Momma and Ms. Trainer know I'm a very smart boy!

Momma didn't know that my new toy made crazy noises and had glowing eyes until we got home.  That makes it even more fun!!!  WOO HOO!  

Wanna see it?  Well, momma took a video:

Thank You!!!

 Hey, what's up???  Cool dude here!  I'm sportin' a new team jersey.  I'm an ALL STAR little dog with a BIG Attitude and I'm proud of it!!!
I got happy mail today.  I want to thank LizMol for the cool shirt.  Here's a little video momma made to show it off!!!
PS...Momma says she's going to have to sew the tag down because it is the perfect size to get stuck on my lower jaw.

See you around.  Gotta go to puppy training to learn new tricks!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Tricks!

I went to the puppy trainer for the first time on Sunday.  My trainer said I'm so smart and she thinks I'm going to learn fast.  She told my momma to be more strict and don't give me an inch because I may be little, but I am a big boy in my mind.  She said momma needs to use a deeper voice too...

I got to meet a big black dog that is a therapy dog.  She had her tail tucked between her legs and was scared to be around me.  All she wanted to do was hide behind a big person and stay away from me.  I just wanted to play with her and I was being really nice.  I tried to follow her around all over but she was too scared.  Maybe I can convince her to play next time.

Momma took a little video of me today showing one of my new tricks.  I did learn three at the trainer, but I'm still learning the "lay down" moves.  It's pretty tricky!

Momma says I can go back to the trainer again on Saturday.  I'll get to walk around and practice being quiet.  That's hard work for me!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

My momma took some pictures of me today so I could send some greetings to my other mommies Cocoa and Max.  I miss them so much but want to tell them thank you for taking care of me and making sure I found the best forever home.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Thanks to the free online photo editing site PicMonkey for helping me make ordinary pictures extraordinary!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hello sunshine!

Momma took me on an adventure in the backyard today.  It was so nice and sunny!

The flowers are so pretty too.  Momma let me sniff them!  

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Puppy Mail!!!

We got some puppy mail today!  Auntie Amy and Cousin Loki got me a new T-Shirt and Peanut a fun Pull-toy. Momma let me help her open the envelope.

 That envelope kind-of tasted yummy.  Momma told me to check out the good stuff though.
How do you like my new shirt??  Fits me perfectly!
I decided to let Peanut have a taste of this blue thingy.  I had to show her how it worked.  She watched for a while then I let her have a pull...

Here's a little video momma took.  (Momma says Peanut is teaching me how to growl.  Momma doesn't like that much!)

See you again soon!