Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hello World!

My name is Mason.  I was born in Florida on January 4, 2013.  I'm a teacup Maximilian Schnauzer.  It was hard work, but with some human help from Max, my mommy delivered me and my siblings in a cozy little place called Schnauzerville. Now we're off on our own great life adventures.

Wanna see my Mommy, Daddy, brothers and sisters?  

My mommy is Cocoa.  Isn't she the most beautiful mommy in the world?  
Here's my daddy, Maximus.  He's a REALLY nice guy and a Certified Service Dog too.
Here's my other momma, Vera (Max)
(Here's the birth order:  Mason 4.3 oz.,  Bristol 5.3 oz.,  Denver 5.3 oz. Logan 4.9 oz.  Sydney 3.7 oz. Checkers 4.8 oz.)

Here's my sister Bristol. (She's a pistol.)  She's going to stay with Vera (Max) forever.
Here's my brother Denver. (Crazy Moose.) He's moving to Palm Coast, Florida.
Here's my brother Logan. (He's almost as tiny as me.) He's moving to Croatia and his family named him Rhodri.
Next came my sister Sydney (She's a lover-girl).  She's going to Deltona, Florida.  
And everybody was happy to see Checkers (He's a real game player.)  He's moving to Indiana.
I'm coming to my forever home in Manassas, Virginia in late March.  When I get there, I'll have lots of stories to tell.  Until then, you can keep an eye on me at the Maximilian 24-7 live camera here: