Monday, March 9, 2015

Winner, Winner!!!

Wooo Hooo!!!

Mason and I were informed today that we won a special prize from MyFavoriteThings stamps!  WOOO!!!

So want to know what we win???  
I get these cool stamps and dies that I'll be able to use to create Mason Greetings for YOU!  
Mason wins a special Puppy Toy...Picked just for him!  

WOOO!  We're excited!
Little Mr. Barky Butt took some time out of his busy day to hop into his Easter Basket and show you some love.  You may remember this basket from last year's photos...Well, Mason still fits, as well as he did last year!  And look at that face...I hold a treat in the air and get the PERFECT shot!
Happy Hopper days are coming soon!!!  Mason's trying to practice being a chocolate bunny!

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  1. Hi Mason! Truffles and I are just hopping by to tell you Hey!! Truffles says you look a lot more like a chocolate bunny than that white stuffed rabbit next to you!!! It's not even the right color!!
    Sending Love to You and Your Mommy!! <3 <3 Truffles Opal and Mo


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