Saturday, March 30, 2013

Meeting my forever family...

When I got home to Virginia, I headed right over to Grandma and Grandpa's to meet them.  I played with Katie and Amy and even said a short hello to Smokey dog.  He's an old guy who was really interested in me.  He sniffed me really good and followed me around for a while.
 I love to give puppy kisses!!!

It was fun playing with Katie and Amy in Grandma's kitchen.  Katie's hair is so fun to pull!
 My new sister Peanut is getting more and more used to me being around.  She is letting me sit with her and lay with her in the doggy bed now.  She doesn't mind, as long as I stay calm and don't come like a crazy dog towards her face...My momma is still a bit nervous, so she watches our interactions very closely.
I sniffed out and discovered Peanut's favorite bone today.  It's pretty tasty!  
Momma's got to go to the store to get me some puppy food so I get to stay home with Peanut for a few minutes.  It's going to be scary because I really like to stay with my momma around me...

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Yipee.    I'm home.    I arrived at my forever home yesterday morning.  A little girl named Katie (my new momma's niece) held my hand as I slept in the car leaving the airport.  She says I'm just perfect!  We're already best friends.  
Mommy Max gave me a blanket and this Tshirt before I left Schnauzerville yesterday.  They make me sooo cozy!  I love them.
I slept all the way home and last night was my first night at my forever home.  I played until really late at night then fell asleep in my carrier on my mommy's bed.  Peanut had to sleep up there too, right at the foot of the bed.  My mommy was surprised I didn't cry or whine the whole night!

My new sister Peanut doesn't know what to think about me yet.  She steers clear of me and just watches.  I've tried to play with her but she doesn't want to play yet.  Maybe she needs to get used to me first.  Katie is so fun to play with though.  She wants to have a sleepover with me on we have a play-date!

I am going to visit one of my doctors tomorrow.  Dr. Anderson and the staff at Montclair Animal Hospital are really excited to meet me!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Goodbye Schnauzerville!

Goodbye Schnauzerville!

I'm going to miss all my family at Schnauzerville!  Here I am with my new mommy in the hotel.  It was really late and we were getting ready to go on the big plane to Virginia.  I'm not scared, I'm a big boy now...
 I'm really I'd better get some shut eye before I get on that big plane .  Gotta wake up early too.
Here are some pictures Mommy Max took of me right before I left Schnauzerville.  She always takes bye-bye pictures of her babies before they go to their furrrever homes.  

Monday, March 25, 2013

Coming home soon!

Hi friends,  My mommy is in Florida ready and waiting to pick me up.  While she's waiting, she's spending some time resting in those chairs right outside her hotel room door!

Only a few more days and I'll be home to meet my new sister, Peanut!  I wonder how she's doing at Grandma and Grandpas.  I hope she's being nice to her cousin Smokey!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Getting Close...

I'm getting closer to the day when I can come to my forever home.  My new mommy and big sister Peanut are getting ready for me too.  I have lots of new toys to play with too.

My Maximlian Aunt Becky (and little Axel) sent me a sweet package this week.  Peanut just had to check it out!
 Peanut says...Hmmmm...Oooh!  Do you think it'll fit me?
Ohhh...I like this cozy looking sweater.  I KNOW I can convince my momma to let me wear it.  I know it won't fit Spazzz the bearded dragon over there...

...and that tunnel...tried it out.  It's kinda crunchy!

See you soon!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

20 Days...

It's snowing in Virginia today and I'm still in Sunny Florida.  I wonder what that white stuff feels like?  I hear it's really cold and wet.

My big sister Peanut DOES NOT like it!!!  Here she is trying to find a green spot under the bush by the back door.
In about 20 more days, I'll be leaving Schnauzerville and will come to my forever home in Virginia.  My new mommy is getting SO excited!  She got me a new cozy bed, some crinkly-noisy toys and so many more things to play with.  I even got a few Schnauzer stuffed toys to help me remember my SV family...I'm going to miss them.

My new momma started my Ustream page today.  She said testing out a new video camera is kinda fun but there are lots of kinks to work out before I come home.  SHHHH there's a secret party being planned for me LIVE on Ustream at 5:00 PM EST on March 28.  I'm inviting my SV friends to come too.

Check out my channel here: